Mõigu House is located at: Helgi tee 2, Peetri alevik, Rae vald, Harjumaa.
The property is bordered by Mõigu Industrial Park and is well visible from Tartu highway.
In the immediate vicinity of Tallinn, the Mõigu–Peetri region is in the recent years emerging as the fastest growing and the largest commercial and industrial area.
Several well-known Estonian and international companies have agencies, shops, warehouses, and production buildings here.
The enterprises of the region are mostly located in the immediate vicinity of Tartu highway and are concentrated in the areas of Mõigu, Mõigu Industrial Park, and Peetri.
Pros and cons of the region:

  • Mõigu Industrial Park is the closest compact and well-functioning business district to the centre of Tallinn:
    7 to 10-minute drive from the city centre
    2 to 3-minute drive from the airport
    1 km from the city border

  • Very good logistical location – Tartu highway offers good access to both Tallinn and the Tallinn ring road.

  • Excellent visibility in both directions for passengers driving on Läike road and Tartu highway.

  • Good infrastructure – a new road network and modern communications.

  • Good accessibility also with heavy duty vehicles.

  • A modern and evolving business district with a good development perspective.