If you are looking for an exemplary rental space for your company – you have found it.
Our rental spaces are reasonable in size, which makes them also affordable for smaller companies.
We also offer you the opportunity to combine several spaces in a way that gives you a space that fits your needs.

Mõigu House:

Office space size ranges: 45–450 m².
There are 20 office spaces on the 3rd floor, with a total area of approximately 1400 m².
Storage space size ranges: 30–500 m².
The storage area on the 3rd floor is approximately 1800 m².

Rental prices:
  • Office spaces, warehouse spaces: 1st floor – 6.4 EUR/m²

  • Office spaces, warehouse spaces: 2nd and 3rd floor – 5.9 EUR/m²

  • Dining room + kitchen: 2nd floor – 6.9 EUR/mm²


1st floor offices are located on two levels. First level is planned for customer service and a showroom and a back-office can be located on the second level. The ground floor warehouse with a height of 5.5 meters can also be split into two levels (with an inserted ceiling). As a result, it is possible to double the storage area.

The 2nd and 3rd floor storage areas have a height of 3.0 meters.

20% VAT and utilities will be added to the rental price according to the measured usage.

Reservation terms:

We are ready to sign reservation contracts with potential customers from the 1st of March, 2015.
The booking fee is equal to three month rental price.

Floor plans in PDF format


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