Mõigu House can become a home for such small and medium-sized enterprises that are engaged with trade / service provision that also need their own warehouse space in addition to an office space.

Our future clients-tenants could, for example be working with:

  1. Internet commerce and related businesses.

  2. Beauty, cosmetics, and perfumery products, and the like.

  3. Medical products, pharmaceuticals, home and household chemicals.

  4. Electronics, home appliances, and similar.

  5. Sports, hiking, recreational, hunting, and fishing products, and the like.

  6. Textile products, footwear, clothing, accessories, and similar.

  7. Advertising, print media products, and the like.

  8. Furniture, fittings, interior materials, and the like.

  9. MOther product groups and services that need to store goods in warm and moisture-proof conditions.

Mõigu House is a 3-storey complex with a total area of 4000 m².

Mõigu House:

Range of office spaces: 45–450 m².
There are 20 office space on the 3rd floor, with a total area of approximately 1400 m².
Range of storage spaces: 30–500 m².
The storage area on the 3rd floor is approximately 1800 m².

The start of the construction of the building is scheduled for April/May 2015 and will be completed January/February 2016.

Pictures of the building

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